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In this world, there are so many frauds happening via non proven PSP’s in connecting valuable merchants to the acquirer. The merchants sometimes go bankruptcy and facing much financial risk exposures after losing the acquire’ s credibility all. Nanzare specializes in cross-border payment transaction with only handling and arranging proven PSP’s and the acquirer with long time track record. To do so, We won’t be a part of the money flow but only arrange as TI(Technical provider) so the acquire or their authorized PSP with a license settles the fund directly to the merchants. 
We have partnered various stable, trustworthy acquirers, Technical Integrators, processors in Korea and Japan.
As we would position as TI(Technical Integrator), we make sure provide our merchant or reseller(MoR) stable and accurate service. Please contact us, We’re more than happy to talk to you!


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